Our Lady, Star of the Sea

Prayer of pope John Paul II
during his visit at may 14 1985

"Brothers and sisters in Christ,

I am glad to be here in your midst, in this respectable basilica, where the Holy Virgin has been worshipped as the Star of the Sea. This name is connected to the thought, that our life is like a journey across the wide sea, which is often whipped on by heavy storms. Mary is the Star, who indicates the course during the waves of ordeal and stimulate us to hope with Her lovely shine.

Mary, Star of the Sea! Today we come to you with all the burdens which depress us. We are sure, that we will find in your motherheart understanding and forgiveness, encouragement and comfort.

It is you Mary, who we trust with our joys and our sorrows, our expectations and our disappointments, our desires, our plans and our hope. See the intentions of purity, love and firmness which we have in our hearts, and obtain for our weak will the grace of courage and perceverance.

It is you Mother, who we trust with the Dutch families, the cells of which the church is built, and where the belief of the new generations of christians will be born and will develop. Protect them against the many evils of which they are exposed by today's mentality, which denies so often the values of the Gospel. Help them in today's life to realize the admirable plan, that God has designed for them from the beginning.

It is you Mother of all men and peoples, who we trust with the communities of belief and parishes. Grant us that they radiate the belief and live in relative love, mutual respect and constructive cooperation. We also trust you with the church, which during the centuries has kept the mystery alive of the Word, Which became a human and died and is risen for the salvation of the people. Spread your robe out over her, so that she as a unanimous catholic community may navigate safely to the heavenly port. Amen."

Catholic Dispatch
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