Our Lady, Star of the Sea

The prayer of mercy

Oh Mary, Star of the Sea,
see me here kneeling for your mercy-seat,
where already numerous lovers of your Motherheart
have received the biggest favors;
where you obtain for the sad ones comfort,
for the distressed ones help,
for the sick ones cure,
and for the sinners forgiveness.
Dearest Mother,
I am coming to you full of trust.
The many wonders which happened here
fill me, poor sinner, with the sweetest hope
that you, Mother of mercy, will grant my prayer.
Yes, I beg you and pray, dearest Mother,
merciful Star of the Sea,
do not let me go from here without being heard.
You are able to help me,
you are indeed the most powerful, after God;
you want to help me,
because you are full of love for all your children.
Remember, clementest Virgin,
that it has never been heard,
that somebody who sought refuge to you,
had been forsaken by you;
would I be the first miserable one then,
who would be sent away by you, unheard?
No, no, good Mother,
in this holy place you will obtain for me,
by your almighty advocacy,
help in my distress,
and comfort in my suffering.